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9am-2pm, Tyler Street at the Port Townsend Farmers Market

Join us in celebrating farm-fresh and artisan food at the 7th annual Port Townsend Artisan Food Festival on Saturday, May 25th at the Port Townsend Farmers Market, 9am-2pm, Tyler Street. This event features cooking demonstrations by local chefs; and cheese, hard cider and wine tastings with award-winning Mt. Townsend Creamery, Finnriver Cidery, Eaglemount Wine and Cider, and Port Townsend Vineyards. This family-friendly event also includes kids’ activities, shopping at our vibrant farmers market and more!

  • 70+ local farm, artisan food, cider, wine, and arts and crafts vendors

  • Cheese pairing with Mt. Townsend Creamery

  • Chef demonstrations

  • Live music

  • Kids' activities and more!

Featured Chefs

10 am, Arran Stark, Executive Chef Jefferson Healthcare

Arran Stark, Artisan Food Fest 2018. Photo by David Conklin.

Arran Stark, Artisan Food Fest 2018. Photo by David Conklin.

Local food enthusiast, chef, and educator Arran Stark has given Jefferson Healthcare food services an extreme nutrition makeover. A native of Georgia, Arran Stark, Executiave Chef at Jefferson Healthcare, has served in the kitchens of some of the nation’s most prestigious restaurants and institutions, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

For more than 12 years, Chef Stark and his wife, Micaela Colley, have called Port Townsend home. Upon relocating to the Peninsula, he operated Brassica restaurant at Sweet Laurette’s and continues to manage his own catering company, Cultivated Palette. Following the birth of his second child, son Owyn, however, Chef Stark brought his culinary skills and affinity for fresh, local produce to the kitchens of Jefferson Healthcare.

Since joining the Jefferson Healthcare team, Chef Stark has revitalized the hospital’s dining options, offering patients and their families delicious, nutritious meals featuring the best fruits and vegetables the area has to offer. In addition to running the culinary show at Jefferson Healthcare, Chef Stark hosts cooking classes at the Port Townsend Farmers Market and at the Cultivated Palette kitchen in Port Townsend.

11:15am Dylan Stanfield, Sweet Lamb Baking Co. and Finistere

Local cheesemaker, baker, chef and artist, Dylan Stanfield, has been living and working in the Port Townsend community for the past eight years. A native to Northern California, Dylan moved to Seattle in his early 20’s to pursue a career in the food industry. Attracted to the vibe and bustle of Pike Place Market, he landed a job at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese ultimately finding his first job in Seattle and true passion in cheesemaking. After working at Beecher’s in the historic Pike Place Market for over four years and learning the craft of cheesemaking, he decided to expand his cheese and food knowledge outside of the Seattle area. 

Dylan moved to Port Townsend in 2012 to work for Mt. Townsend Creamery as the Head Cheesemaker. During his time at Mt. Townsend, he helped the creamery win multiple awards for a variety of their cheeses. Dylan’s wife, Jessica Brooks, moved to PT shortly after and started Sweet Lamb Baking Co. Dylan eventually left MTC after almost 5 years to work full-time with Sweet Lamb Baking Co. At Sweet Lamb, Dylan and Jessica make a variety of French inspired pastries, breads and treats with a seasonal menu. Dylan also now applies his skills at the restaurant Finistere as the baker, pasta maker and pastry chef along with being an avid and trusted forager and mushroom hunter. 

His well rounded knowledge of food and food production makes Dylan a force to be reckoned with. He hopes to continue to share his skills with the community and become a leader in food education the PNW! Check out his art and food on his instagram page @tinycowcreamery.  

12:30pm Sidonie Maroon, Culinary Expert The Food Co-op


Community chef, recipe developer, and educator Sidonie Maroon teaches international foodways classes for the Port Townsend Food Coop. Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Sidonie shares her creativity and cooking expertise with everyone she meets. Never aspiring to be a restaurant chef, she instead flourishes in her kitchen laboratory where she cooks, blogs, and develops original recipes.

A professional teacher, Sidonie has taught adults and youth in Jefferson county for 25 years. Twelve years ago, she founded F.E.A.S.T. (foodways education at a sustainable table) as the business platform for her cooking classes, culinary mentoring and Folk Art and Food Camps. The depth and breadth of her knowledge, coupled with her unpretentious approach make her a popular teacher.     

At the heart of her cooking practice is a dedication to start from scratch and build technique from traditional world food wisdoms. She was artisan long before it was popular: gardening, foraging, working on organic farms, living off-grid, preserving, fermenting and baking from scratch. You can find her recipes, classes, column and blog posts on the Food Coop’s website  or her personal blog

Kids’ Activities:

The Port Townsend Farmers Market and Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School are pleased to bring you food-focused kids activities. We will host vegetable print making as well as some other activities on the Port Townsend Community Center grass neighboring the farmers market.

Vegetable print making, Artisan Food Festival, 2018. Photo by David Conklin.

Vegetable print making, Artisan Food Festival, 2018. Photo by David Conklin.

Artisan Food Vendors Happenings:


Visiting vendor, Johnson & Gunstone Shellfish will serve raw shucked and BBQ'd oysters with yummy sauces. Johnson & Gunstone Shellfish is a 5th generation family farm, which has been in operation for 101 years! Based out of Discovery Bay, they harvest from a variety of shellfish farms across the Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal. They harvest a variety of shellfish products, mainly clams and oysters. They participated in the Port Townsend Farmers Market last season and are joining us as a special guest for Artisan Food Festival 2019.

Meghan Mix, Hopscotch Farm and Cannery

Meghan Mix, Hopscotch Farm and Cannery

Mt. Townsend Creamery and Hopscotch Farm and Cannery are hosting a cheese paring for Artisan Food Festival. Award winning, Mt. Townsend Creamery makes delicious artisan cheese. "We love what we do, and we are proud to create products that reflect the flavor of our landscape. We passionately educate and inspire our customers to understand and appreciate cheese culture. We strive to operate in a sustainable fashion from an environmental, social and financial perspective. Learn more!

Hopscotch Farm and Cannery Hopscotch Farm + Cannery is a “Farm to Jar” operation that grows heirloom produce and crafts artisan pickles, relish, and preserves in Port Townsend, WA. Owner, Meghan Mix, started Hopscotch in 2017 as a way to blend together her passions for working in the dirt, cooking in the kitchen, and being nerdy in the office. Since there were already many produce farms operating locally, she decided to use her farm-grown fruits and vegetables to make value-added, “farm to jar” products. Without land and lots of start-up capital, she got creative to make her dream a reality. Enter the multi-plot micro-farm idea! Based on a contemporary reimagining of the WWII era “Victory Gardens,” Meghan farms 5 small plots located in unused open spaces in Jefferson County.

Port Townsend Vineyards is participating in Artisan Food Festival as a visiting vendor. They opened their doors doors last year offering a five-zone vineyard cultivated to showcase the grape varieties that thrive in our geography and coastal climate. Learn more!

Who Sells the Chicken Eggs? will serve up pulled pork sandwich, seafood rice noodle curry, and Thai ice tea. Husband and wife team, Cameron Roberts and Junchay Junpo (Plai) are the masterminds behind this delicious food. While their business name, “Who sells the chicken eggs?,” might give you the impression that they vend eggs, rather they are hand-making Northern Thai inspired food. “Who sells the chicken eggs?,” has a dual meaning. First it is a Thai tongue twister: “Kai Kai Kai Gai?” Because Thai is a tonal language, to the American ears it sounds like we are repeating the same word numerous times. The question is also a roundabout way of asking, “Where is your food sourced?” Cameron, a Port Townsend native, and Plai, from a small village in Northern Thailand, chose the name to spark conversation and share their value of having a personal connection with their food.

Check out this video from Artisan Food Fest 2015 (the dates listed in this video are for the 2015 event. In 2019, Artisan Food Festival is taking place on May 25th.)

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