Closing Day Farmers Markets & Magic

Closing Day Market this Saturday

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This Saturday, December 16th, we celebrate the end of the 25th Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market season with our Closing and Winter Holiday Farmers Market. Join us on Tyler Street and inside the Port Townsend Community Center from 10 am to 2 pm for your final chance to stock up on locally grown produce, meat, artisan breads, pastries, cider, wine, hand-made gifts, and more from the farmers market this year.  We will also have live music by Aimée Ringle, Gretchen Sleicher and friends inside the Community Center.

EBT shoppers, please note that Fresh Bucks expire at the end of the market season. Bring your Fresh Bucks to market on Saturday and use them up on delicious, local produce. If you end up with extra Fresh Bucks at the end of the PT Farmers Market season, look on the back for a list of participating farmers markets. We are still offering our $20 in matching for farm-fresh food to EBT shoppers when you purchase $25 in EBT tokens on your card. This means you get $45 to spend at the market and your food dollars stay in our community supporting local farms. We also offer $2 for fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs for each $5 you spend on your EBT card. Extra money for local food! What a deal!

Thank you for supporting our local farmers, artists and artisan food makers this season by shopping at the Jefferson County Farmers Markets. Together, we are building a strong local food system and enhancing our local economy through direct sales at the farmers market. Stay tuned next week for my close of season newsletter with a recap of our 25th market season.

See you at the market! ~ Amanda

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Feel the Magic; Tomten Village Natural Toys
Andrea Blair, Tim Kubica

Tomten Village Natural Toys inspires belief in magic and play with beautiful, creative and hand-built toys. These Waldorf-style toys incorporate natural materials, including wood and wool with rainbow bright colors. Artist Andrea Blair sources many of her materials from the beaches and forests near her Port Townsend home. Andrea, in collaboration with her husband, Tim Kubica, creates each felted cloud, crown, gnome doll, gnome home, and wooden game with the hope of encouraging children’s imaginations. She describes Tomten Village toys as “open ended,” meaning they don’t have to be played with in just one way.
The magic of Tomten Village Natural Toys is a reflection of the artists who make them. As a family, Tim, Andrea and their three children, have woven a path that celebrates the power of the mystical with wonder, song, and dance. Andrea has lived many lives leading to her work as an artist. The dedication she developed as a competitive child gymnast, the love of color she adopted living in the Dominican Republic, and her sense of adventure inspired by a childhood in the wilderness are all visible in her art.
Andrea, like her husband, lived somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle before planting roots in Port Townsend in 2010. Her father’s work with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) brought Andrea and her family around the Western United States, where she lived in and near national parks during her youth. His work on the Oregon Trail and with BLM greatly inspired Andrea's life and future travels.

Andrea trained as a competitive gymnast from early childhood. She worked with diligence on mastering her sport with the goal of reaching the Olympics. At age 14 she split her kneecap. While her injury ended her dream of competing in the Olympics, it did not stifle her dreaming or adventurous spirit.
Andrea majored in Spanish and International Affairs at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR. She then lived in the Dominican Republic for several years. There, Andrea fell in love with color, singing, dancing and the vibrant culture of her new home. The Dominican colors and cultural influence stayed with Andrea as she transitioned into her work leading cultural exchange programs, and, later, into her life as a mother of two, living blocks from the Washington DC capital building.

While Andrea’s husband at the time worked as the spokesman for the Secretary of Defense, a vivid and, ultimately, life-changing dream called her toward a different world. Andrea dreamed that she met a fairy healer who, she later learned in a conversation with a friend, bore remarkable resemblance to real life Scottish fair healer Robert John (RJ) Stewart. Steward happened to be presenting at an upcoming Fairy and Human Relations Congress in Twisp, WA and Andrea decided to attend. Since then, the Fairy Congress and its sister event, Singing Alive, have become integral parts of Andrea’s life.

While attending Singing Alive, Andrea and her two young sons were out early one morning on a walk in the forest. They happened upon a band of wild horses who wanted to pass them on a narrow trail. Before they knew it, the horses were biting and kicking them. Tim, who was walking in the same woods, chanced upon this dangerous scene and proceeded to fight off the horses. This valiant deed sparked Andrea and Tim’s friendship, which slowly blossomed into romance.

In 2010, Tim and Andrea joined forces in life and as collaborators in the creation of the colorful and imaginative Tomten Village Natural Toys. Tim brings his woodworking skills to the partnership while Andrea knits, felts and paints Tomten Village toys to life from her home art studio. 

This Saturday, for our Winter Holiday and Closing Day Farmers Market, visit the Tomten Village market booth to meet the artists and find heirloom-quality toys. It is the perfect time to share some magic with friends and relatives and what better place to find it than at the Tomten Village market booth. You can also find Tomten Village toys in Port Townsend at Bazaar Girls and soon at Finnriver Cidery in Chimacum as well as Propolis Brewing in Port Townsend. Learn more about Tomten Village in this Leader Article.

Tim with Tomten toys.

Tim with Tomten toys.

From Our Vendors

Crust is back at Market! We will be bringing COOKIES! but no pies. Lots and lots of cookies all tied up with string. It's the tastiest present ever--for yourself, your friends, your relatives. We can't wait to see you all--nice and warm and dry INSIDE the Community Center.

SpringRain Farm will have delicious, local gift ideas and ethically-raised meat for your holiday feasts. We will have our organic pasture-raised chicken, turkey, and duck.  As well, we have farmstead jams made by Roxanne with our own organic fruit and sweetened with honey. You can also pick up a gift certificate for someone who loves local organic food good for use at our farm stand and the 2018 farmers market. Look for us outside with all the other hardy farmers. 

Newquist Forge is back after a two month hiatus from the market, during which time we created and installed garden gates and outdoor railings in PT and PA. New to the forge is our small forest axe, "small enough to travel, big enough to chop", and our botanically-themed paper towel and toilet paper holders. We will also have an assortment of small iron gift items like barbecue tools, key chains, bottle openers, candle-holders and more. 

Red Dog Farm is so very thankful for all of your support this year! We are bringing spinach, salad mix, greens, carrots, potatoes, squash, popcorn, and, of course, more to the last market of the season. We are still offering our Stock-up Special: Save 20% when you purchase $40 or more. We hope you will take advantage of this offer and fill up your home with local, Red Dog produce for the winter months ahead. Wishing everyone a warm, nourishing and happy wintertime!

Nonprofit partner, Swan School, will be at our last farmers markets of the season selling their Plantathon cards. These cards offer a great alternative gift for friends and family. The purchase of each card goes to support Swan School students in planting trees in support of salmon habitat. Visit the Swan School market booth for more information.