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Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market, Winter Hours, 10 am-2 pm Nov.-Dec. 16
Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market, Closed for the Season
Chimacum Farmers Market, Closed for the Season

Check out these beautiful, huge veggies grown by Midori Farm. 

Check out these beautiful, huge veggies grown by Midori Farm. 

Happy Thanksgiving! On this day of gratitude, let me share my thanks for you, friends of the Jefferson County Farmers Markets. When you shop at your farmers market, local farms and small businesses grow. It takes a community of eaters who value sustainably grown food to support local farms. Thank you! 

One of our market patrons recently shared an article, What Does "Organic" Mean?, by Francis Thicke of Local Futures. This article points out that the organic classification has lost some of its meaning as large agribusinesses have capitalized on the growing popularity of organic food by successfully lobbying to lower minimum organic production standards. As a result, "organic" eggs can come from chickens crammed into buildings and with no real access to the outdoors. Foreign grain shipments can be sold as organic while lacking proper documentation. At the same time, consumers see the "organic" label with an image of happy birds on the egg carton and imagines chickens free-ranging outside. When we see "organic," so many of us think of food produced with care for the environment and soil nurtured for future generations, but this is no longer the case.

Thicke suggests that the answer to the slippage of the meaning of organic is to add a second label to organic foods that meet a higher standard of production. Is this the solution or will we find in a few years that the label indicating a higher standard of production is also co-opted by big businesses looking to follow sales trends? Labeling alone does not assure responsible farming practices, as made evident by the wide range in production standards amongst organic growers.

A relationship between eaters and growers is necessary for a strong food system that can feed us while nurturing the soil for the next generation. Our local farmers markets provide opportunities for exactly this kind of relationship. Here in Jefferson County we are truly blessed with small farms that have a high level of commitment to community and environmental health. If you are not sure about the growing practices of any of these farms you can ask the farmers themselves when purchasing directly from them at the Port Townsend Farmers Market this weekend. You can also visit some of these farms during Farm Tour or shop at their farm stands during the week. Thankfully, our sponsors, the Port Townsend Food Co-op and Chimacum Corner Farmstand, also carry locally grown produce, meat, and dairy from many of the farms that participate in our markets.

Thank you Jefferson County farmers for responsibly growing nutritious and delicious, super-fresh food and for building your soil so it can produce healthy food for years to come. Thank you shoppers for investing your food dollars into our local economy by shopping at the Port Townsend and Chimacum Farmers Markets. Every dollar you spend locally circulates here, in our community, building jobs and sustaining local businesses.

Is your family in town for Thanksgiving? Bring them to market this Saturday. We are open from 10 am to 2 pm this Saturday through December 16th. There is also a craft fair inside the Port Townsend Community Center. Check it out.

See you at the market! ~ Amanda

Baby Brighten (4-months old) puts these same winter vegetables grown by Midori Farm into perspective. Brighten and grandpa Doug sit by Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery in the morning before market. Thanks Grandpa for helping with market set up!

Baby Brighten (4-months old) puts these same winter vegetables grown by Midori Farm into perspective. Brighten and grandpa Doug sit by Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery in the morning before market. Thanks Grandpa for helping with market set up!

From Our Vendors

Red Dog Farm will have lots of greens to go with all your holiday leftovers. We also have a strong supply of sweet, crunchy carrots to keep you and your families eating healthy this winter. Happy feasting!

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Onature Farm: Many thanks to all the farmers market customers who have volunteer help and offered generous donations.

Max has been in the hospital all week. He is feeling better and probably will be released tomorrow. He has had a lot of side effects from chemo and radiation treatments. Things will get better, he just needs to rest. We will take a break from market this week.

Thanks again for the support. It is much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving. ~Kris Lindert

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Upcoming Market Events

  • Saturday, November 25th, 10 am- 2 pm, Tyler Street, Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market and Arts and Craft Fair inside the Port Townsend Community Center.
    • About the Arts and Craft Fair: November 24 & 25, Friday and Saturday. This annual Port Townsend Arts Guild event is held following Thanksgiving in Uptown at the Port Townsend Community Center, 620 Tyler St., from 10 am to 5 pm both days. Come dive into the holiday shopping season with locally handmade arts and crafts! Some of the Port Townsend Farmers Market craft vendors will be participating in this event.
  • Saturday, December 16th, 10 am- 2 pm, Holiday Farmers Market and Season Closing on Tyler Street and inside the Port Townsend Community Center. Shop inside for local arts and crafts, fresh food for your winter celebrations and more!
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