Holiday Markets Inside Community Center And Meet Pane D'Amore

Port Townsend Farmers Market

Winter Hours 10am-2pm, Tyler Street and in the Community Center

Saturdays through December 17th


This is the time of year when so many of us start thinking about finding gifts for our loved ones and cooking fabulous meals with and for our friends. This Saturday marks the second to last Port Townsend Farmers Market for the 2016 season. As winter Holidays approach, come celebrate the last two markets and find local, farm-fresh foods perfect for meals with family and friends. Also, local artisans have jewelry, furniture, ceramics, beautiful wreaths and so much more for your holiday giving. On Saturday, December 10th and 17th, join us for the Winter Holiday Farmers Market on Tyler Street and inside of the Port Townsend Community Center in uptown Port Townsend.

We have some special guests joining us this Saturday. The Wild Blackberry Pickers will perform live string music and the New Old Time Chautauqua will parade through the market at about 11 am.

We also will have visiting vendors this and next week. This week look out for the return or Bentley Cedar Furniture and the Chain Maker inside of the Community Center. Also, look out for Pacific Grove Jewelers visiting from the Chimacum Farmers Market. Next week Tarboo Creek Honey and La Crepe de Quimper will join us from the Chimacum Farmers Market.

See you at the market. ~ Amanda

P.S. I plan bring our lost and found box to the market this and next Saturday. We have several pairs of glasses, a few water bottles and a couple of other random items that have been left at the market this season. If you have misplaced something at the market, please come visit us and take a look in the box. Items not claimed by the end of market on the 17th will be given away.

For the Love of Baking

Pane d’Amore Bakery

Established in 2003 by Frank d'Amore and Linda Yakush, Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery has been vending at the Jefferson County Farmers Markets for twelve years. Pane (bread) d'Amore (of love) is devoted to baking organic bread and pastries using the very best ingredients sourced locally as well as from around the state and world. 

Linda, a Port Townsend native, has baked since early childhood. She remembers baking as the first thing she could do by herself in the kitchen. As an adult, Linda baked for her family. She home-schooled her two sons, weaving baking into their home life and education. After living in the Midwest, Southern United States and various parts of the Northwest, Linda and her family moved back to Jefferson County in 1990, where she continued to bake at home. Aside from baking, Linda started a landscaping business and helped found the Port Townsend Film Festival.

Frank d'Amore

Frank d'Amore

Linda Yakush with Focaccia

Linda Yakush with Focaccia

Frank started baking for this friends and family when he was 18 years old and living in Seattle. Though Frank did not bake professionally his entire career, he did spend some time working as a baker for different businesses throughout his life.  Frank’s knowledge and love of the art of baking expanded and increased with time. 

In 2002, Frank and Linda got together. Both at turning points in their careers, they decided they wanted to start a business together. At the time, Frank was doing physical therapy for a hand injury. The therapy looked a lot like kneading bread, reminding them both of their shared love for baking. Form this starting point, their dream of a local, organic bakery was born.

Over the course of the next year and with the help of their sons, Linda and Frank transformed the old Constance Building in uptown Port Townsend into a production bakery. They opened their doors to the Port Townsend community on June 8th, 2003 and were met with a very warm welcome. 

It was around this same time that the Port Townsend Farmers Market Manager, Harvindar Singh, urged Pane d’Amore to join the Farmers Market with their breads and pastries. Pane d’Amore has been a consistent, community-loved market vendor from the very beginning.

Linda and Frank’s shared love and care for quality ingredients shaped the business they began together, and which Linda continues to operate today. Pane d’Amore prioritizes using local ingredients when possible, including foods grown by Nash’s, Midori, Red Dog and Dharma Ridge farms. They use Mt. Townsend and Mystery Bay cheeses in some of their pastries and are also a retailer for local cheeses, Cape Cleare Salmon and Morganics Jam at their Port Townsend, Sequim and Bainbridge bakeries. Linda takes great joy in using local ingredients and in purchasing them directly from our local farmers. She loves incorporating these nutritious, beautiful foods into the bread and pastries that feed our community.

While Pane d’Amore has grown with wholesale accounts and three storefronts, the business continues to have a strong community focus. They contribute to JCFM as a sponsor of the Artisan Food Festival and donate to our Gimme5 food assistance matching program. They have a no waste policy. Any bread that is not sold is donated to our local food banks, homeless shelters, and retirement homes. When there is still bread left over, it is donated to local farmers to feed pigs, cows, and chickens. 

While Pane d’Amore has continued to grow over the years, the business has also faced hardship. Aside from the sacrifices, hard work, and diligence it takes to sustain a small business, in 2010 co-founder, Frank d'Amore, had to retire early for health reasons. His early retirement and declining health took a toll on the family-based business. The remaining crew persevered and continued baking, carrying on their co-founders legacy.

Over the next two years, the business continued to grow and improve with Linda at the helm while Frank's health continued to decline. On August 8th, 2012 beloved father, partner, and leader, Frank d'Amore, passed away at his home in his sleep due to complications with type 1 diabetes. This rocked not only his family and his beloved bakery but also the community that he loved and that loved him in return. Linda as well as Frank's son, Gabriel, bravely carried on managing and growing the business.

This week you can find Pane d’Amore inside of the Port Townsend Community Center along with several of our other artisan food makers as well as artists and farmers. Currently, Linda is most excited about her holiday baking. Try some of Pane d’Amore’s seasonal treats; panettone,  panforte and gibassier.

Max with locally grown mushrooms from Onatrue Farm

From Our Vendors

'Tis the season for making bone broth and soup! This weekend One Straw Ranch has pork bones on sale for $3.95/lb (regularly $4.95/lb). The bones are in 3lb packages - just perfect for a batch of broth to make ahead for sipping on a cold day or for winter soups and stews. If you like your broth a little more meaty, pick up a package of beef stew meat to include with the bones in the stock pot. Add a handful of salt, a few tablespoons of vinegar, cover with water, bring to a boil, and simmer for 12-36 hours. Tasty nutrition! One Straw Ranch also offers gift certificates as a unique, local stocking stuffer!

SpringRain will be inside the Community Center with our festive proteins and jams. We will have whole, organic, pasture-raised turkeys in the 22-24 lb range, turkey breasts, and turkey legs--perfect for your winter holiday feast. Also for your festivities, you will find organic pasture-raised ducks, rabbits, and the last of the fresh, organic chicken you know and love. Roxanne will also have a full selection of our farmstead jams made in small batches with honey and our own organic fruit; the perfect stocking stuffer or host gift. 

NASH carrots are the Veggie of the week. Get here and pick some up. In addition to our carrots, we’ve got our root medley bag, sunchokes, beets, parsnips, rutabagas, collard greens, kale, green and red cabbage, parsley, Brussels sprouts, and leeks. If you haven't tried one of our root medley bags, pick one up this weekend. They have everything you need to create a nice roasted veg medley or toss in with your favorite roast.  Feeling uninspired? Grab some Nash’s fresh ground soft white wheat and make a CARROT CAKE!