First of Fall at Market and Farm Tour Weekend

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Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market, April 1-Dec. 16
Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market,  June 14-Sept. 13
Chimacum Farmers Market, June 4-Oct. 29

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There is a change in the air. While summer squash, melons, tomatoes, sweet corn and even berries are still available at market, we had our first rainy weekend in months and our Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market has closed for the season. Days are getting shorter, evenings more crisp, and fall crops are coming on.

It is Jefferson County Farm Tour time!
In addition to local farms, this year's Farm Tour stops include The Port Townsend Saturday and Chimacum Farmers Markets. Why visit the markets as part of Farm Tour? Our local farmers markets are important business incubators for more than 30 farms. Farms that participate in our markets produce a huge variety of vegetables, fruit, grass-fed meat, cider, wine, cheese, honey, plants, and flowers, as well as value-added products like jam, sauerkraut, soap, wool, and more! Our markets provide a vital direct sales opportunity for local farms, many of which are so busy this time of year they are not able to host tours of their farm. This means that you have to come to market to visit with many of the farmers we rely on for fresh, local food. 

Also part of Farm Tour is Jefferson Healthcare's Executive Chef, Arran Stark, who will be at the Port Townsend Farmers Market providing a cooking demonstration starting at 10 am on Saturday. Come see what he is cooking up with local summer and early fall produce. 

I know that many of you are market regulars. This weekend when you come to market see if you can look at the market as if you are visiting it for the first time. How many farm vendors do you see? What are they producing and where are they from? This is a great time to introduce yourself to a vendor you haven't met yet, try something new, and support our hard working farmers. 

See you at the market! ~ Amanda

Farmers at Market this Saturday                    Farms at Market this Sunday
Amie's Garden                                                                          The Green Spot
Chimacum Valley Dairy                                                            Finnriver Farm
Eaglemount Wine and Cider                                                    Midori Farm
Finnriver Cidery                                                                        Red Dog Farm
Finnriver Farm                                                                          Short's Family Farm
Green Gables Gardens
Midori Farm
Mountain Spirit Herbal Company
Mystery Bay Farm
Nash's Organic Produce
Onatrue Farm
One Straw Ranch
Phocus Farm
Red Dog Farm
River Run Farm
Serendipity Farm
Short's Family Farm
SpringRain Farm and Orchard
Tarboo Creek Honey
Victor's Lavender
Willow Wind Farm

Upcoming Market Events

  • Saturday, September 16, 9 am-2 pm, Farm Tour at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market with over 30 local farmers, Tyler Street
    • Chef demo by Arran Stark, 10 am
    • Live music by Choro 11:30 am-1:45 pm
  • Sunday, September 17, 10 am- 2 pm, Farm Tour at the Chimacum Farmers Markets, Chimacum Corner Farmstand. Learn more about Jefferson County Farm Tour and other farm locations here
  • Sunday, October 1, 10 am- 2 pm, last Kids' Day at the Chimacum Farmers Market, Chimacum Corner Farmstand
  • Saturday, October 14, 9 am- 2pm, Tyler Street, Olympic Peninsula Apple & Cider Festival at the Port Townsend Farmers Market
  • Sunday, October 29th, 10am-2pm, Season Closing Day of the Chimacum Farmers Market, Chimacum Corner Farmstand
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From Our Vendors

Willow Wind Farm will have another great week of peppers and flowers this Saturday. We will also have a plant sale at our farm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come get plants for your fall planting.

This week One Straw Ranch is offering a special on Lamb Bones. With intimations of the approaching season change, we thought it would be a great time to make some bone broth! Lamb Bones will be 30% off. We will be at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market this weekend. Additionally, the ranch is on Farm Tour both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully you can join us and meet some of the animals at 6456 Flagler Rd, Nordland. See you this weekend!

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Market Location Exploration

We want your feedback! Please visit our website and participate in our customer survey. Let us know where you want to shop for fresh, local food. You can find the survey on the home page or here. Thank you for sharing your voice and support.

Berries Are Here!

Berries, berries, berries! The heralds of summer, berries are in abundance at the Port Townsend and Chimacum Farmers Markets. Look for locally grown strawberries, raspberries, silvanberries, gooseberries, blueberries and currants at the SpringRain, Finnriver, Red Dog, Serendipity, Onatrue, River Run and Midori Farm stands. Come to market this week and weekend to stock up on delicious local berries by the carton and flat.

On Saturday, chef Arran Stark of Jefferson Healthcare will share some creative ways to prepare local berries. Also, many of our prepared food vendors will have their own special berry treats and drinks available from 9am to 2pm at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market. Review the 'From Our Vendor' section for more information about some of the special dishes to look forward to this weekend.

Silvanberries? Silvanberries or sylvan blackberries are in the blackberry family. They are a cross between marionberries and boysenberries. These large, glossy reddish/black berries are perfect for eating fresh, making summer tarts and pies, smoothies, jam and any other berry dish you enjoy. 

Blackberry (or Silvanberry) Jam

With so many berries at the peak of their flavor and freshness, this is a great time to make jam. Here is a refrigerator blackberry jam recipe that works well with silvanberries. Try this tasty jam in the center of thumbprint cookies, on bread or mixed into yogurt. Recipe adapted from Corporation, Meredith. Better Homes and Gardens; Can It!, Des Moines, Iowa. John Wiley & Sons, 2012. 

Prep: 35 minutes, Process: 5 minutes

  • 3 cups blackberries, silvanberries or berries in the blackberry family
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 3 tablespoons blackberry brandy or orange juice (try substituting Finnriver Cidery Blackcurrant or Blueberry Wine with Apply Brandy)
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  1. In a large heavy saucepane combine berries, sugar, molasses, and brandy. Bring to a boil, reduce heat. Simmer uncovered for five minutes, string occasionally.
  2. In a small bowl stir the 1/4 cup orange juice into the cornstarch. Stir the cornstarch mixture into the berries in the saucepan. Cook and stir over medium heat until thick and bubbly. Cook and stir for two minutes more. Remove from heat and cool for 15 minutes.
  3. Ladle the jam into an airtight storage container. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Makes about two cups.

See you at the market~ Amanda Milholland

Upcoming Events and Music:

  • Saturday, July 22, Tyler Street 9am-2pm, Berries in Abundance at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market, including a chef demo by Arran Stark of Jefferson Healthcare, live music by Blue Crows

  • Sunday, July 23, Chimacum Corner Farmstand 10am-2pm, Chimacum Farmers Market
  • Wednesday, July 26, Polk Street 2pm-6pm, Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market
  • Saturday, July 29, Tyler Street 9am-2pm, Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market, live music by Anne-O and her Band

    From Our Vendors

    We have lots of special berry dishes from our prepared food vendors for you this weekend. Come enjoy the fruits of the season at market.

    Crust Bakery is so excited about all the LOCAL BERRIES! We love playing with local ingredients. All year long. Yay Summer! Come get your favorite hand pies... Berry Lemon Tart, our own lemon curd topped with an abundance of all the best berries we can find at market on Saturday morning, come watch us top the tarts, fresh, first thing, every Saturday.  SILVANBERRY Hand Pie, our personal favorite, big black berries from Willow Wind Farm. BLUEBERRY Nectarine Hand Pie! Thanks to Finnriver Farm for the best Blues, nectarines from Tonnamaker Farm. Raspberry Apricot Cream Hand Pie, Finnriver & Red Dog Farm raspberries, Stemlit Apricots, and housemade vanilla pastry cream. Strawberry Mint Hand Pie, SpringRain Farm and Orchard Strawberries, homegrown mint. Berry Artisan POP TARTS! Filled with an assortment of local berries made into jam, by us, for the kids (or the kid in you). We will also have a limited amount of whole All The Berries Lattice Pies.

    Barbarian Fine Cuisine returns to the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market this weekend with special dishes featuring local berries. On Saturday try their Chocolate Berry Kebabs. They will also serve strawberry balsamic vinegarette couscous-- with berries from SpringRain and Red Dog Farms-- with their lamb and pork kebabs.  Yum!

    Sweet Lamb Baking Co. will have strawberry rhubarb croissants and blueberry macarons! 

    Hello! Propolis Brewing will have Baby Bottles of Beltane at the market! And we will be featuring our Rubus Kiss~raspberry flemish-style aged in petite Verdot barrels! 

    This week One Straw Ranch will be featuring pork country style ribs. This tasty cut is not actually a rib at all, but comes from near the shoulder and is cut into a rib shape. It usually has just a small piece of bone, so pull out your knife and fork for these delicious “ribs.” Country ribs are usually cooked low and slow in the oven or slow cooker, either with or without BBQ sauce. For a summer-y BBQ meal, bake at 300 degrees in a foil lined and covered pan for 1.5 – 2 hours, drain the juices, baste with your favorite sauce, and then finish them on the grill for a nice caramelised coating. Serve with potato salad and cole slaw for a classic meal combo. Country ribs will be 10% off this week!

    At Red Dog Farm zucchini, iceberg lettuce and kohlrabi are new this week. Most exciting, perhaps, are raspberries and green beans! Fennel bulb, gold beets, red cabbage and spring onions are all still pretty newish and exciting. 50 produce items total this week- come on out and count them up! (Or just eat them up!)

    SpringRain has the berries!  We will have 10 different kinds this week, including raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, currants, and gooseberries. They are moving fast with this heat, so enjoy them now. We also have our last week of fresh, never frozen organic duck. They truly are a special treat. 

    Market Location Exploration

    You may have read the article about potential farmers market location changes in the Peninsula Daily News last Sunday. The Jefferson County Farmers Markets have been hosting customer and vendor surveys at our Port Townsend Wednesday and Chimacum Farmers Markets as well as at a handful of other community locations and on our website. To clarify, we have not decided to move our markets but rather are exploring how to best support local farmers, artisan food makers and artists with sustainable, loved and well utilized farmers markets. While we are actively promoting all of our markets, and offering programs like Kids' Day at the Chimacum Farmers Market, we are also looking at potential location changes to see if they may be helpful in growing our markets. We want your feedback! Please visit our website and participate in our customer survey. Let us know where you want to shop for fresh, local food. You can find the survey on the home page:

    One of our Port Townsend Farmers Market shoppers, Salty Hanes, has taken a creative approach to supporting our Wednesday Farmers Market. Last week she started wearing a sandwich board on Wednesdays to help remind people to go to the farmers market. Salty invites market fans to consider joining her. She writes, "It would help to have a few more volunteers wearing signs in more locations. I have one extra sign for someone's use or they could make their own. Call me with questions, locations to walk or sit, and suggestions at: (360) 379-2268. Thank you. Happy sunshine."~ Salty Hanes

    On behalf of the small, local businesses, families and farmers who make up our markets, thank you for sharing your voice and support. Just like "it takes a village to raise a child," it takes a community to support a resilient farmers market.  

    Meet Serendipity Farm
    Chris Llewellyn, Arianne and Franco Bertucci

    In the past it was the norm for United States farmers to tend the same land as their parents and grandparents before them, and for families to raise their children in community with their extended family. While 97% of US farms are family-owned and operated, the average age of farmers in the United States is 55 years old. This fact demonstrates the exodus of younger generations from the work of their ancestors on family farms. 

    Here in Jefferson County, we have seen a newer model of farming brilliantly emerge that is more common in the wold of organic, sustainable farms. Many of our local farms are incubators for new farmers and interns who get their hands dirty learning the ropes of sustainable food production and animal care here in Jefferson County.

    While utilizing modern organic farming methods, Serendipity Farm gives us an opportunity to step back in time. Three generations live on and care for this 46 acre equine and organic produce farm in Quilcene valley. Chris Llewellyn was an avid part-time flower farmer on Bainbridge Island before she moved to Quilcene to start Serendipity Farm in 2003. Her daughter, Arianne Bertucci, and Arianne's husband, Franco, moved from Olympia, WA in 2004 to join Chris in farming. Today, Serendipity is home to Chris, Arianne, Franco and their four children as well as a small handful of extended and adopted family members. Chris, Arianne and Franco are the primary farmers. However,  Arianne and Franco's children are trying their hands at the trade. They are growing their own you-pick pumpkin patch this season. Serendipity Farm boards and cares for 14 horses, as well as 150 chickens, ducks and goats.

    "I love the healthy lifestyle of spending time outside, working for ourselves and seeing the fruits of our labor, " says Franco.  "It’s a really good way to raise a family. Our kids are healthy from fresh food, sunshine and playing in the dirt."

    While farming is really rewarding, it is also stressful. There is a lot of gambling in growing crops. The season started slowly this year due to the wet and cold weather. "We had to start our planting later than usual. However," Franco shares, "having greenhouses was really helpful for early season crops." 

    With a focus on animal rearing as well as produce farming, Serendipity farmers keep the majority of their acreage in pasture. The remaining acres are used in rotation to grow seasonal produce and flowers. Serendipity Farm supplies crops for 26 to 40 Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) shares per season as well as the Port Townsend Farmers Markets. Additionally, you can find Chris' tasty salad dressings at the Port Townsend Food Co-op and Quilcene Village Store. 

    This season Serendipity Farm is participating in both the Port Townsend Wednesday and Saturday Farmers Markets vending produce, salad dressings, pesto and gluten-free treats. Serendipity Farm prepared foods feature farm-grown herbs and berries. Crops to look forward to this week include: cucumber, summer squash, strawberries, silvanberries, tomatoes, flowers and more. Coming up soon, Serendipity Farm will have husk or ground cherries, peppers, and mulberries. Introduce yourself to the friendly farmers at Serendipity Farm at one of our Port Townsend Farmers Markets this week. See you at the market~ Amanda Milholland

    Upcoming Events and Music:

    • Wednesday, July 12 Polk Street 2pm-6pm Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market
    • Saturday, July 15 Tyler Street 9am-2pm Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market, Live music Cort Armstrong
    • Sunday, July 16 Chimacum Corner Farmstand 10am-2pm Chimacum Farmers Market
    • Saturday, July 22, Tyler Street 9am-2pm Berries in Abundance at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market including a chef demo by Arran Stark of Jefferson Healthcare

      From Our Vendors

      Berries are in season at market! Serendipity, SpringRain and Finnriver Farms have new berries! Joining the delicious local strawberries and raspberries, the first of the blueberries, red and black currants, and silvanberries are here.

      Red Dog Farm is up to 47 different varieties of produce at markets this weekend! New and exciting are green beans, fennel, spring onions, gold beets and red cabbage. We also have TONS of beautiful flats of raspberries! Buy them by the flat or half-pint. Basil is also looking beautiful these days; it’s perfect timing to put up some pesto or chimichuri.

      This week, One Straw Ranch is featuring lamb stew meat. Our stew meat is cut from the shoulder so is perfect for long slow braising, which transforms it into a rich and tender indulgence. If you don’t want to heat up your kitchen, pull out the slow cooker! Layer in your favorite stew ingredients, turn it to low for 5-8 hours, and your dinner will be waiting for you when you come in from watering your garden in the evening! If you’re looking for a little inspiration, pick up a recipe card at the booth for Savory & Slightly Sweet Slow Cooker Lamb. Most of the vegetables and herbs can be found fresh at the market right now. A handful of raisins and a splash of sherry or brandy round out the flavors perfectly. We also have a delicious recipe for Slow Cooker Moroccan Lamb, which combines cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger to create an aroma which will transport you to the markets of Marrakeh. Try some lamb stew meat this week at 10% off!

      We want your feedback! Please visit our website and participate in our customer survey. Let us know where you want to shop for fresh, local food. You can find the survey on the home page of our website: Thank you for sharing your voice!