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Nov 20, 2015
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Bumper harvests just in time for Thanksgiving

Nov 12, 2015
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So much squash! Kale! Potatoes!

Aug 28, 2015
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Now accepting applications

Jun 4, 2015
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Strawberries and Peas

May 11, 2015
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Artisan Food Festival May 23rd and 24th

May 16, 2014
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Artisan Food Fest May 24-25th

Nov 14, 2013
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sauce and recipe

Oct 23, 2013
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fresh and undead this weekend

Sep 26, 2013
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Chefs. Soups, Striped Carrots

Sep 18, 2013
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Last Wednesday, Global Warming, Wine Tasting

Apr 21, 2011

APR 23


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Ranger and RE-arrangers will heat up the center of the market with their gypsy jazz this week at the market, watch them cook last year right hereCharlie's Liquid Smoke

  • Some Like it Hot, Charlie Bodony's plethora of chile pepper permutations, continues to grow.  Check out his new 5oz packets at the market this week.  And his homemade liquid smoke, or rather Chile Sweat!  Didn't know you could make it at home, I always thought liquid smoke was like, distilled lighter fluid or something.  Charlie's is all natural and good and he grows the peppers himself, in his own Umatilla Hill/Costa Rican hothouse.  Read about him in this wonderful article by the Leader's Allison Arthur.
  • Green Party Alternates
    I think we covered this one before- but its been suggested that I give more ideas for using this unique spring crop, which most growers have and most customers are confused by.  Raab is the almost flowering version of a hardy green, and it

    RAAB!should be handled in a hardy fashion.  I like to take the whole bunch and just chop it roughly and quickly from tip to bunch.  Use it in place of broccoli in stir fries.  I like to sub it in Broccoli beef, or as a green add in to the last 5ish minutes of braising Pock Marked (Ma Po) Tofu-  which is a great dish to use some of Nash's ground pork in.  Get island spring tofu to keep it local.  You can omit much of the weird stuff and its still good, though its better with the weird stuff.  Also try it with SLIH paprikas.
    Pea Shoots are not catheters, they are the trimmings of pea vines and make great spring salad, here's a simple recipe:

    • 1/2 bag- to full bag of pea shoots- put 'em in a bowl (or rinse, then spin, then bowl)
    • Dressing:
    • 2 tbs toasted sesame oil
    • 1-2 tbs rice vinegar
    • 1 tbs (or other mild oil)
    • pinch of salt
    • 1/2 tsp sugar
    • shake or stir to make the dressing
    • toast sesame seeds for less than a minute in a hot pan
    • toss onto pea shoot with dressing  serve with anything, perhaps some Cape Cleare Salmon Steak

    basket of eggsEASTER EGGS!
    Compass Rose Farm is coming to the market this week with 80 dozen multicolored eggs, just in time for easter, though I think too late for passover(whoops, just googled it, passover has not yet passed), and definitely forsaking Kwanzaa.  These eggs are from the hens lovingly raised on theirr farm using sustainable, holistic and respectful practices.
    They range in color from white, to speckled browns, with pink and lovely greens. Every dozen is unique and beautiful.  If you like local and are lazy like me, forget dyeing the eggs and just boil these pre-colored ones.  If you have to decorate, just rub some cut beets on them, or spill coffee, or go super fancy and get some from saffron Phocas farms.

    Swiss Ms?
    (I am not allowed to write Who's your Daddy's Muesli, so this was the best I could come up with)

    Sheryl Morgenstern makes Daddy's Muesli, the packaging of which sports a nude photo of her partner Tim Lambert, the daddy of Daddy's Muesli, as a baby.  The all organic muesli is as pleasant as the picture, and has become a favorite at our house, with yogurt and frozen fruits from finnriver (which we picked ourselves last year and will not sell to you).  Ask Sheryl how she prefers they prefer it.  Milk, hot water?  She and it and often he are at the market most weeks.  Bagged or Bulk.

    Stand by me
    the following vendors come week after week after year after year rain and shine and sun and snow and now I will mention them here.

    • Barbara Gerenson- with her many enameled and or emulsified variations on copper switch plates
    • Jen Cronin- with her photo cards and framed pics of the place we call home
    • Doug Selley- a our own 2 eared expressive and impressionistic landscape painter

    Thanks to Tim Caldwell and PSE for generously hanging our Flora banner signs around town.  We appreciate it!