2018 Board Elections

The following people are running for the Jefferson County Farmers Market Board of Directors. Market Members will elect their new board at our Annual Meeting, March 18th, 5-7:30pm at the Tri-Area Community Center.

Me'l Christensen, Townsend Toad

My husband and I moved to Port Townsend from Taos, NM in 2001 where besides our crafts businesses, we built passive solar houses and started a packaged, New Mexican themed, food business. I first became a Market vendor back in 2003 but took a break while working full time as a firefighter/EMT with EJFR then as an RN at Jefferson Healthcare.  I joined the market again as a crafts vendor last year when I reduced my RN working hours to part time.  Besides selling dyed and block printed clothing for kids, I also help Amanda and Amy with first aid for any vendor or market attendee who may need it during market hours. Now that my sons have graduated from Port Townsend High School and are off to college, I’d like to devote some time as a board member to promoting and supporting our market. The Market is invaluable in supporting both craftspeople and our local farmers who are important stewards of both the health of our surrounding farmlands and the health and wellness of the community members who appreciate and purchase their produce.

Janet Aubin, Finnriver Farm, Current Board President

Janet A.jpg

I am a farmer at Finnriver Farm and Cidery in Chimacum. The Jefferson County Farmers Markets are incredibly important to me economically and philosophically. I grew up in Jefferson County and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live and work in my home community. The majority of the income from our farm comes from the Market, and we deeply value direct sales and the relationships we have built over more than 10 years of vending. I believe that the success of the Market is dependent on the continued ability of vendors to earn a livelihood. As a board member I work vigilantly and creatively to enhance the opportunities for local commerce and to sustain the market as a vibrant community gathering place—three times a week. I am particularly interested in strengthening the customer base at the Chimacum Market and working to make it a truly valuable venue for the vendors and rural county residents.

Heidi Burbanke, Current Board Member, Java Gypsy


I have been an active vending member in our markets since 2002.  These years have given me the opportunity to make many positive connections with fellow vendors, community members and reoccurring visitors. I joined the Board in 2010 with a primary goal of enhancing channels of communication between the Board and its managing staff with fellow vendors. My aim remains to learn fellow vendors’ needs and strive to align the Board’s function and growth management to meet these needs, for I believe the success of our Markets can be measured by the success of each individual vendor.  I believe our Markets’ future relies upon them remaining a fun experience while linking local people who work the soil, or who create culinary art, or beauty and utility out of raw materials, to our local shopping community, the greater NOP businesses we supply and the many visitors who support this local economy. And, as a mother who brings her children to our Markets, I want our markets to remain a magical event for families as well.

Tina Herschelman, Community Member

Tina H bor baord bio.JPG

Tina Herschelman is the Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator for Jefferson Healthcare and is directing the food insecurity portfolio for its Population Health Department. Together, Jefferson Healthcare and JCFM are developing programs to address food insecurity in Jefferson County. Tina is proud to be a part of this work and believes food security requires investments in local agriculture. She supports the mission of JCFM to provide access to healthy local food for our community because she recognizes it benefits the physical health of individuals as well as the economic health of our region.  The role of the market to serve as an inclusive community gathering space is equally important to her. Prior to moving with her family to Chimacum in 2012, she worked in higher education and arts organizations to build community through arts and cultural events.

Sasha Kaplan, Community Member

Sasha board photo.jpg

I moved to Pt Townsend in September of 2017 from Portland where I lived for 39 years. My husband
Matt and I spent part of our honeymoon in PT, back in 1981. We’re both delighted to finally be here fulltime after yearly visits for the past 36 years. Thus far I have jumped in as a volunteer for the PT Food Bank.

While I was in Portland I was a caterer, cooking teacher, kitchen manager, and restaurant chef. I also
spent four years on the Hollywood Farmers’ Market Board. During that time, I helped make many
changes, including going from a seasonal to a year-round market. I also introduced cooking
demonstrations to the market, both as a demonstrating chef and finding restaurant chefs from the
Portland area.

While I have a teaching degree in Special Education, my first love has been cooking, teaching children
and adults the life skills of shopping and preparing food and feeding others. I have long felt I was put on
this planet to feed bellies!

I am delighted to be considered for the PTFM Board. I would love to utilize my skills to grow this market.